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Our Affiliation

AffiliationWe are often asked about our church’s affiliation. Here are some questions we are commonly asked:

1- Are you part of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)?

No, not officially. However, we love what the SBC is currently doing as well as their current direction. We have SBC guest speakers on occasion, participate with SBC churches, as we are able, and promote SBC efforts that help us fulfill our purpose.

2- Are you part of the Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) Church movement?

No. While the IFB is not a convention, per se, in our part of the country they operate as such in many ways. We have no connection with that movement.

3- How would you describe your affiliation?

We have no formal affiliation. However, we cooperate with churches of like faith and philosophy, as we are able, and as it helps further our mission.

4- With whom do you align most closely?

  • Our pastor has often attended conferences such as the 9 Marks Weekender as well as local pastor’s fellowship gatherings that are organized by SBC pastors. We have plans in the future to attend the Together for the Gospel Conference (T4G), which is organized primarily by SBC leaders.
  • We use the Gospel Project Curriculum (SBC Curriculum) in our Children and Teen ministires.
  • Each year we host a live simulcast of Secret Church, which is led and taught by David Platt who is the President of the SBC’s International Mission Board.
  • We have worked together with other churches in the area such as Mile Straight Baptist Church (which is also unaffiliated) and Cross Pointe Community Church (which is SBC).

All of that to say, we are probably most closely aligned with the SBC.

5- Does the church have plans to pursue official affiliation?

While official affiliation with an organization, convention, or fellowship is not something we are currently pursuing, it is not something that we are ruling out as a future possibility.