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How Often Do You Observe the Lord's Supper?

783106.lords-supperstdtWe currently observe the Lord's Supper monthly.

When one is seeking to understand what the New Testament church looked like there are two places to look. First, we look to Scripture. It is the ultimate foundation and final authority. However, there are some things that are not crystal clear in Scripture. For instance, how often did the church observe the Lord's Supper. On questions such as these where the Bible is not crystal clear, we look to early church history. Early church history serves as a way to ensure that our interpretation of Scripture is accurate. It also gives us a place to go for clarification on those issues on which the Bible is not very clear.

On this issue, early church history sheds much light. It seems that the early church observed the Lord's Supper (or Communion) on a weekly basis. It was a crucial part of their normal gathering. 

While we are not ready to jump to a weekly observance, I do believe that a monthly observance would prove beneficial to our church.

Nothing but good can come from focusing on what God has done for us through Christ more frequently.