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Why We Changed Our Name

Posted in September of 2014

Earlier today we publically announced that we are changing the name of our church from Maranatha Baptist Church to LifeSpring Baptist Church. Why was this decision made?

Over the past several months we have seen significant growth, incredible unity, unique multicultural ministry opportunities, and a renewed passion for the purpose God has given our church. This change in the church name will help us better communicate our focus as a church.

In addition, we realized that most people do not know what the word 'Maranatha' means or how to pronounce it, nor does the name effectively communicate our purpose as a church. The new name remedies those concerns. In fact, we believe the name LifeSpring communicates the life, health, and vibrancy that we want to help people achieve in their Christian lives.

While much more could be said about the reasons for this change, we want to use this as a time to share the focus of our ministry. We believe God has us here for a very specific purpose. And an understanding of this purpose drives our ministry.

- We are a church that is striving to be intentional. We do not simply want to go through the motions of life or ministry. We strive be sure everything we do has a specific purpose behind it.

- We are a church that is built on the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. This is not just a cliché statement to us. We are committed to biblical, systematic, expository preaching that seeks to help explain and apply God’s Word to your life.

- We are a church for people with questions. A significant part of our ministry is focused on teaching people and helping people understand why we believe what we believe. If you have questions, this is the place for you.

- We are a church that wants to reach our community. We want to take our faith and share it with others so that they, too, can experience life and growth.

- We are a church that wants to help you and your family grow spiritually. Through biblical community, fellowship, L.I.F.E. Groups, and the teaching of God’s Word, we want you to grow in your faith.

This new chapter in the life of our church is very exciting and we are eagerly anticipating what God is going to do in the weeks, months, and years to come.