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Remodeling & Facilities Upgrades

blueprints-2With time, facilities always begin to deteriorate and become in need of updating. It is for that reason we have developed an ongoing remodeling and facility upgrade plan to help us constantly be improving our facilities. 

If you would like to partner with us in these projects you can do so by designating your gift through the online giving page on our website. (Use the "Donate Now" image below.)


Planned Projects

Listed below are some of the projects we have planned for the next several months.

1- COMPLETED:  Add door to entrance of the nursery to improve security and noise control

2-COMPLETED: Add a welcome area to the back hall by cutting a hole in the wall & adding a counter

3- COMPLETED: Redo auditorium by reshaping it and raising it

4- COMPLETED: Change from large center screen to two 70 inch flat pannel TVs, new media equipment, and new stage lighting.

5- COMPLETED: Replace pews in the auditorium with chairs

6- Sheetrock side walls in auditorium

     This project will cost $6,614.

7- Replace the carpet in the auditorium

     This project is estimated to cost about $15,000.

8- Replace the back doors of church with new doors to match the others

     This project will cost $3,500.

9- Tile the three main entrances to the church building and add properly sized mats

This project will cost a total of $2,000.

10- Sheetrock the Activity Center

     This project will cost $5,500.

11- Replace carpet in the Activity Center

     This project will cost about $6,500.


***We do have a long-term goal of creating a new Children's Ministry space in the upstairs of our gym. That project is probably a couple of years away due to the fact that it will cost between $75,000 and $100,000.