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Sunday Morning Electives

Sunday Morning Electives-4Our Sunday Morning Electives are our spin on Sunday School and are the strategic teaching ministry of LifeSpring. They meet each week at 9:30 AM and are available for all adults. 

How It Works

Each year is broken into four 12-week teaching terms (48 weeks). All classes operate on this schedule with class topics changing each quarter. Those attending choose which class they prefer to attend for each quarter.

Each 12-week teaching term is preceded by a fellowship breakfast. We use this time to fellowship with each other as well as introduce the electives that will be offered for that quarter. For 2015 the breakfast fellowships will be held on January 4th, April 5th, July 5th, and October 4th.

Each class will be part of a specific teaching track (theme). Teaching tracks include Practical Living/ Spiritual Growth, Bible Knowledge, History, & Theology, and Engaging a Lost World. There will be a class offered each quarter from each of these tracks. As God allows us to grow, we will add additional tracks and additional classes.

Why We Love This

1- It allows us to be intentional with what is being taught. With this approach, the church leadership is able to develop a strategy that allows specific topics to be taught which will lead to a well-rounded Christian, church-based education.

2- Those attending will be in classes with different people each quarter. Rather than sitting in the same class with the same people year after year, it will rotate. This will build unity in the church and help people get to know those with whom they would not normally fellowship.

3- It allows us to get other teachers involved. There may be people who are gifted teachers, but can't commit to teach for an entire year. This structure allows people to teach on a quarterly basis, thus getting more people involved.